white privilege

A call to parents! Be aware and proactive to what is being taught to your children. This is NOT acceptable learning material subject for our youth.

The parents of a seventh grade student at Issaquah Middle School in Washington state were shocked after learning the reason behind why their child failed to complete a Language Arts assignment and posted about the volatile incident to a Facebook group on Tuesday.

According to the student’s parents, their child was given the assignment to “read and analyze a poem” from 7th grade Language Arts teacher Ms. Johnson.

After asking why their child failed to complete the assignment, the child informed them that the assignment left them uncomfortable and was too embarrassed to complete it. The poem the class was asked to analyze is entitled, “White Hollywood” by Joe Limer.

The shockingly volatile and inappropriate slam poem video titled “It’s funny how pushing me out of harm’s way feels like putting me in my place” by Joe Limer that was given to the class of young students to watch and analyze included the following narration: WARNING: EXPLICIT LYRICS From the Post Millennial.

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