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This is not hyperbole. If this executive order is given enough time, it will literally destroy our government from within (and not in a good way).

When it comes to making news and dropping press releases, there are certain rules regarding the days of the week they’re dropped. Big economic or policy news that governments or companies want everyone talking about for the whole week are dropped Monday or Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday are for “quick hit” releases that should be in the news cycle for a day or two before fading away. As for Friday, that’s when you drop things you want to be forgotten about over the weekend.

On Friday, Joe Biden signed an executive order that is getting infuriatingly little press and next to no pushback from the GOP. Hopefully, outrage will pick up steam starting Monday because it represents one of the greatest threats to our government, and while I’m not one who ever supports government’s questionable grasp of power, this particular threat is a plague that could topple the entirety of our system from the inside. Read more from American Conservative Movement.

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