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Ever wonder why the abortion seller Planned Parenthood is one of the nation’s largest provider of sex education materials to the nation’s schools? Because it’s good for business, and one state has had enough of that. The Arkansas state legislature recently passed HB 1592, the Student Protection Act, which will bar the state’s public schools from entering into any transactions with any entity or person that provides, induces or performs abortions.  
Why is the bill necessary?  
The Family Council is a Focus on the Family-affiliated organization headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, that promotes family values in the Natural State. Jerry Cox is Family Council’s president. The Daily Citizen asked Cox about the bill.  
“Family Council fully supports this good bill,” Cox told us in an email. “We have worked for 30 years to ensure Arkansas’ public schools promote abstinence education, because that’s what has proven to work the best when it comes to reducing teen birth rates and teen abortion rates in Arkansas. Our state shouldn’t give abortionists a free platform to use to promote themselves and their work to our public-school students.” From The Daily Citizen

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