kids face mask

Throughout the COVID crisis, we have been told to blindly “trust science,” to forgo thinking for ourselves. No matter how absurd the restrictions on gathering, dining, even dancing, we have slavishly trusted one set of experts. But now we must seriously consider where this obedience has gotten us. As American adults breathe free without that little sting behind the ears, our children remain constrained by symbolic fabric face coverings.

Many of these are the same children who have lost more than a year of serious education to remote learning and hybrid models that everyone agrees are far inferior to full in-person learning. Prior to the pandemic, would anyone have suggested that a child basically skipping third or fifth grade was really no big deal? Of course not. It is a lie that frightened adults tell themselves in paranoid terror of a virus that kills 0.02 percent of infected people.

Making children bear the burden of our fight against the virus would be bad enough were they a major vector of spread. If schools and soccer games were major contributors to COVID deaths, there would still be a serious debate to be had over cloistering them. But they are not a major vector of spread and children are not at great risk. Yet across the nation, children have paid the highest price for our fears. From The Federalist.

By Uffda

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