green passport

FORGED FDA approval (from Shtter Stock) to mislead the Israeli public that Pfizer’s product is FDA approved.

A petition today was filed in Israel’s Supreme Court against the Green Passport medical apartheid system. This is not the first such petition to confront Israel’s highest court, but experts are calling today’s submission one of the most significant among them.

Several countries around the world have outlawed the measure, which has been identified with communist China’s social credit system.

The petition claims Green Passport regulations were enacted without authority. “The Coronavirus Act does not allow the government to set restrictions based on acceptance or non-acceptance of a vaccine. The Green Passport Regulations do not meet the objectives set out in the Coronavirus Act. In absence of any real justification for administering Green Passport regulations, there is concern that their execution involved foreign considerations related to the agreement with Pfizer. This is especially true when there are defects in the approval of the use of the vaccine in Israel, which are accompanied by clear deceptions on the part of the Health Ministry.” Read more from America’s Frontline Doctors.

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