caitlyn bruce jenner

Some on the political right, particularly those who are more fond of fusionism or libertarianism, are quick to pump the brakes on using a biological pronoun. It is rude to the person and it is important to be friendly, the person will often plead. If they wish to be called by a false pronoun, I will honor that request. It’s a free country! One conservative I spoke with said using inaccurate pronouns for transgender identifying people is being “respectful” and “every single conservative” ought to do so.

This could not be further from the truth. In actuality, it is disrespectful to both you and the transgender person to use the anti-science pronoun. It demeans your knowledge of reality and perpetuates lies harmful to you and the transgender person, as well as to the rest of society.

Conservatives should seek to be kind and foster the common good, but using the wrong pronoun to refer to Jenner is neither. It is giving into perverse postmodernism and its subset known as queer theory, an academic discipline built on the subjectivism of poststructuralism. From The Federalist.

By Uffda

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