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A Disney World superfan is rethinking his commitment to the theme park giant and its host city over the company’s new “woke” policies to foster a more inclusive environment. 

In an Orlando Sentinel op-ed, Jonathan VanBoskerck said he and his family vacation at the theme park every year and spend “way too much money” in Orlando, Fla. But lately, he feels the park has capitulated to political forces while abandoning its mission of providing guests with an immersion experience.

“Disney is forgetting that guest immersion is at the core of its business model,” he wrote. “When I stand in Galaxy’s Edge or Fantasyland, I know I am in a theme park but through immersion and my willingness to set the real world aside, something magical happens.

“That spell is broken when the immersive experience is shattered by the real world,” he added. “And boy, has Disney been breaking the immersion.” From Fox News.

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