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The situation in Afghanistan is far worst than the liberal media is reporting!

The Taliban not only began to murder any collaborator with the previous regime but is now forbidding access to the airport from all people. Americans included. The US official numbers of evacuated people are released in order to project “its all under control” feeling but in fact the opposite is true.

Suicide bomber exploded at the Abbey gate entrance into Kabul airport! many casualties!

DEVELOPING: In addition to an explosion, there was an exchange of gunfire at the North gate of Kabul airport. Casualties unknown.

These events comes hours after ISIS released a terror attack threat.

The moment after the explosion.

All flights in and out of Kabul have stopped.

It appears to be a terror attack of both  suicide bomber and an active shooter simultaneously! Very much an ISIS job!

Reports that US and British soldiers were among the casualties in Kabul.

Someone knew this is coming today!

“There could be a second explosion” French Ambassador to Afghanistan asks people to stay away from Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul

So far 13 dead and more than 50 injured

10 US soldiers killed in the Kabul suicide bombings. 20 US soldiers wounded in the attacks. Third explosion heard minutes ago in Kabul. More than 60 civilians reported dead in the Kabul terror attacks till now and over 150 injured.

Suicide bomb at Kabul airport kills many afghans and US Soldiers.

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