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Freedom and Liberty! Start fighting back! This is not your normal happy-go-lucky “Happy 4th of July” weekend post. This is our post to warn our readers to get off their laurels. WAKE UP! Sh#t is going to hit the fan. And last I looked we are still a country full of fighters.

Here are four strong suggestions to strengthen your preparedness NOW.

  • The priority is to get right with God.
  • The second is to start stocking up on extra food items and water. (6 months to a year+ minimum)
  • Third, get your finance in order. Pay down debt as much as possible.
  • STOP watching mainstream media.

We aren’t going to dive deep into each one of these top four priorities but provide you with a hand full of YouTube links to help catch you up to be current; with what is going down and soon entering your neighborhood.

Riverside Homestead Life

Glen Beck


Monkey Werx US

Real Life with Jack Hibbs

And We Know

Save At The Pump And Grocery Store

Gas and food prices are soaring. This free app gets you cash back on gas and more! YOUR INVITE CODE: 53M9M to get an extra 15c/gal bonus on your first purchase.

We love this app and wish we would have found out about it a couple of years sooner. We’ve got our whole family using it! Now we’re reaching out to our extended family here at 

Join us today and fight back on inflation. Please use this invite code “53M9M” when signing up with upside to cashback money for yourself. It is the only link on this entire site where we receive any compensation, 1 cent for every gallon you fill up on and friends you refer. Pennies add up! Thank you in advance!

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