No one is pumping the brakes, like, at all. It’s only getting faster. You’re going to have to leap off the train, and push your babies out ahead of you. Fingers crossed you land on a soft patch of hay in a quiet ravine with no Wi-Fi or public schools within 100 miles. But you’ve got no choice. You are their only hope! Do not fail them. If you do nothing else as a parent, you must do this: prevent wokeness from colonizing their developing brains.

Effective models for wokeness herd immunity already exist. Look at the Amish, the Hasidic Jews, the Mormons. Insular, self-sufficient communities with strong codes of behavior tend to better prepare children to resist the YouTube/TikTok/Instagram algorithms and public “education.” 

Here are some real-world tips or advice or what have you, in case that’s the only reason you’re reading this: 

ONE: Speak truth to gender, and never shut up. 
TWO: Teach abortion as a horror movie. 
THREE: Channel your inner patriotic boomer. 
FOUR: Radically Rehab Your Entertainment Diet.  
FIVE: Make Wokeness Cringe. 

What are you supposed to do when the emperor has no clothes—and neither do any of the townspeople? 

Maybe just giving your children permission to see things clearly is enough of a gift, and an immunity superpower. Let’s hope! From The American Mind

By Uffda

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