religious freedom

If it weren’t clear before, it is now nakedly obvious the far left aims to silence all who question or disagree. It perversely misuses terms like “diversity” and “tolerance” for precisely the opposite ends — to enforce its ideology, stifle dissent, and prohibit any alternatives. The full-scale legal assault on faith-based schools is merely the latest example of its scorched-earth campaign.  

Fortunately, there is another way: genuine tolerance. Several Christian universities, like Union, require their students to subscribe to a creed or covenant that explicitly delineates particular religious beliefs. Similarly, I’m unaware of any traditional rabbinical seminary, such as the one my son plans to begin at this fall, that will accept a student who does not profess the beliefs and abide by the practices of Orthodox Judaism. (And they don’t even have basketball teams.)  

The options are mutually incompatible, yet easily coexist. Americans can and do annually choose to attend a secular or a faith-based school (or neither, by pursing a different path altogether). All these institutions have flourished because no one has tried to force one type of institution to emulate any other. From The Federalist.

By Uffda

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