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The mainstream media is now attempting to prepare the public to accept more restrictions and possibly another lockdown as the “delta variant” surges and not enough are willing to get injected with the experimental gene therapy.  The key to “winning the race” against the spread of the “delta variant” is getting more Americans “vaccinated,” according to mainstream media.

The media and government desperately want you to believe that you need this shot. They are pulling out all the stops and the underlying tone is to expect more restrictions if they don’t get their way. We know the censorship campaign has ramped up lately and the push to get this propaganda out has increased.

Officials and experts have said disinformation is largely to blame for the high number of unvaccinated Americans, a group that is seeing the largest impacts of the pandemic.

“This is not just a matter of people expressing opinions that might be wrong, this is life and death,” Collins said. –CNN

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