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Waking up the World. Why are they wanting to vaccinate everyone so desperately? Continue reading through this site and you will discover the reasons.

Oregon is giving away a million dollars to get residents vaccinated, but fewer Oregonians are rolling up their sleeves for a shot by the day.

On May 21, Gov. Kate Brown announced the state would randomly select one vaccinated Oregonian for a $1 million prize by the end of June. That day, 14,943 people received a COVID-19 vaccination shot. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) reports those numbers have been falling ever since the announcement.

Daily vaccination rates in Oregon have hovered around 12,000 shots for the past three weeks, well below what the state reported before news of the lottery. Vaccination data from the OHA shows 23,506 people got their first COVID shot on May 18. On May 19, that number fell to 17,347 people. On May 20, it was 21,553 people. The state saw its lowest number of first-time vaccine recipients in four months, 4,885 people, on June 1. Read more from Just The News.

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