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Opinion: Not the first time this has happened with this couple!. Pretty sure that’s called inside trading? Should there be a committee to investigate Nancy and Paul Pelosi’s involvement in insider information?

Pentagon announcement about huge Pentagon contacts saw Amazon shares hit record highs.

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) husband, Paul Pelosi, invested millions of dollars in Amazon options shortly before a surprise announcement from Joe Biden’s administration that would benefit the company massively.

The Pentagon announced this week that it is canceling a multi-billion dollar contract with Microsoft and starting a new one that Amazon will likely participate in.

The sudden announcement, that saw Amazon’s share price saw to an all-time high, comes just six weeks after Paul Pelosi pumped millions into the company’s call options.

On Tuesday, the Biden Pentagon abruptly announced it was canceling its multi-billion JEDI cloud services contract with Microsoft. Read more at Neon Nettle.

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