Planned Parenthood

During a recent Democrats for Life event, former Planned Parenthood manager Mayra Rodriguez, who won a wrongful termination lawsuit against the abortion business, stated that her previous status as an undocumented immigrant was used to lure other women into having abortions.  

It’s another sign that the legacy of eugenics and Margaret Sanger continues to live on, despite Planned Parenthood president’s recent attempt to cancel the organization’s historic and problematic founder.  

Mayra Rodriguez, whom The Daily Citizen interviewed in 2019, was let go from the abortion business after she tried to raise concerns about patient health. For example, the abortionist would fail to properly chart patient information and did not consistently gather state required affidavits.  

Not only were her concerns ignored, according to Rodriguez, but she was also accused of possessing narcotics and eventually terminated. She sued the abortion business for wrongful termination and won, but, as it turns out, that wasn’t all.  From The Daily Citizen.

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