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A group of 25 Republican Senators are calling for an investigation into how 38 Planned Parenthood affiliate offices received $83 million in federal COVID-related stimulus funding, despite being ineligible for the program.  

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest and fastest growing abortion business, with an estimated $2 billion in assets and 16,000 employees. And yet, despite this enormous war chest, Planned Parenthood affiliates across the country received money from the Small Business Administration (SBA) through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).  

According to the SBA, PPP “is a loan designed to provide a direct incentive for small businesses to keep their workers on payroll. Borrowers may be eligible for PPP loan forgiveness.” It is there for small businesses struggling with the economic fallout from the COVID-19 economic downturn.  

But for some inexplicable reason, Planned Parenthood affiliates applied for and received $83 million in funding in the first two stimulus bills, though the rules make the abortion business ineligible based on the number of people it employs and its total assets. From The Daily Citizen.

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