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Will the roughly 100 pro-life bills introduced and passed this year help stop abortions? The short answer is yes, according to a new study released by JAMA Network Open, one of the nation’s premiere health care journals. But it may result in a new problem as well.

A team of researchers at the radically pro-abortion University of California San Francisco (UCSF) recently concluded that distance makes a big impact on women choosing abortion.

According to the study, “Among the 1948 counties included in the analysis, greater travel distances were associated with lower abortion rates in a dose-response manner… These findings suggest that greater travel distances to abortion services are associated with lower abortion rates. The results indicate which geographic areas have insufficient access to abortion care.”

Simply, abortion rates fall considerably when the nearest abortion clinic is 120 miles away. Read more from by Brittany Raymer for The Daily Citizen.

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