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The way to solve America’s issues and connect with Republican voters is not to parrot libertarian talking points that enable leftist power.

I am always wary of those who purport to speak for their respective generation, and a recent New York Post op-ed by a self-espoused libertarian student at New York University put on full display exactly what the Republican Party must abandon in the years ahead.

In close to 700 words, writer Rikki Schlott calls for the GOP to “compromise on social and environmental issues and stand up to leftist extremism,” ignoring that these two are different sides of the same strategic coin. Schlott concedes a talking point that merely assists the left in its campaign to smear Republicans — especially those in Gen Z — as operating in “extremist fringes” who need to be like their predecessors and champion old neoconservatism. Read more from The Federalist.

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