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Many on the left today want to muzzle conservative Christians – and even if you’re not a religious person, that should worry you.

With increasing frequency, “progressives” say they don’t want religion in the public square. Big tech wants to edit what can be said by religious leaders.

What is happening?

It’s obvious to many of us that left-leaning thought leaders in our country’s power centers – educational faculty, political leaders, business leaders and sports organizations – are attempting to ensure that religious expression does not challenge the state’s ideological narratives.

In other words, the values imposed by politicians, and their allies, must be followed, period. This sounds eerily similar to what my Christian friends describe in totalitarian countries.

From bakers and florists to faith-based adoption services, tolerance for Christians and their conservative beliefs have tanked to all-time lows.

People who support beliefs in the Bible are being targeted.

It’s breathtaking to watch a culture flip so quickly. Ancient truths that have established our nation as the most prosperous, innovative, generous and vibrant are now being tipped upside down to pursue hate, division, grievances and other destructive paths.

As a Christian, I embrace what the apostle Paul stated when he declared, “Our citizenship is in heaven.” It’s not here. Yes, we “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s” – but we ultimately answer to God, not government.

I believe God’s law trumps any earthly edict. Yet, this first devotion is neither problematic nor something to fear, unless those in power want to force people of faith to violate their conscience and deeply held convictions. That’s because committed Christians make excellent citizens, always looking to serve others and point people to the world yet to come.

Focus on the Family president Jim Daly provides the following radio commentary for the Fox News Rundown (27 min mark).

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