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We need to go back to Scripture, our final authority and re-read it with a heart that seeks to first examine our motives, our anger, our fears instead of going to them to gather ammunition against our enemies, real or imagined. We need to stop reading it to reaffirm the biases and narratives we have adopted from the ally of our choice, whether that be Babylon or Egypt.This will be difficult because we have dug deep pathways for how to think. It will be impossible without the Spirit’s work to read the Scriptures with a fresh set of eyes to see the beams in our own eyes before we see the speck in others. Our times demand that we join our spiritual forebears in seeking to be willing to repent, reform and renew with the goal to grow in true Christlikeness. The hard truth is that for all our talk about the Bible, we will need to pray that we have the courage to be truly biblical.

We can take comfort and courage in the reality is Christ is building His Church and His will will be done. We can all count on that. His faithfulness is not in question. The question is the one Jesus asked in Luke 18:8, when the Lord comes, will He find us faithful? Will he find his people facing their neighbors with a fist and a sword or with a basin and towel. Will He find His Bride resting in His promises or seeking safety in the arms of another. We have long been aware of the idols from one direction, Are we willing to examine the idols from the other that have so easily ensnared us? We are in the process of finding that out. From Theopolis Institute.

By Uffda

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