cuba protests

uba has free healthcare, free education, and extreme gun control. So what’s going on? Cubans have been forced to live under communism with terrible living conditions and no freedom. They want change.

The people blame the above on the Cuban regime.

  1. Food Shortages
  2. Medical Shortages
  3. There’s No Freedom

Food Shortages

Cuba is currently experiencing their worst since the 1990s

2011 – “The hunger of Cuba’s 11 million people has reached a critical level.”

2019 – “Practically nothing is being sold… there isn’t any meat, or chickpeas, or hot dogs, or chocolate, or crackers, or bread being sold.”

2021 – “Cubans stand for hours in line to buy basic goods such as chicken or bread, or even to take a bus. The island is increasingly hit by hours-long electricity outages.”

2021 – “Prices have shot up and inflation will probably reach a minimum of 500% and up to 900%…” Basic goods like powdered milk are up 11,000%.

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