Ilhan Omar Antisemitism

Spewing hate from MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Congresswoman Ilhan Omar proposed a radical solution to the nation’s antisemitism problem: getting rid of all the Jews. The plan is already being embraced by leaders of Hamas, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, the government of Iran, and the Democrat party.

“It recently struck me that the common thread among all of these heinous instances of antisemitism is that they are directed towards Jews,” Omar noted at a press conference. “If we can get rid of all the Jews, we can get rid of antisemitism once and for all!”

Omar said her plan doesn’t advocate for violence against people of Jewish descent. Instead, she said her plan would be to round up the remaining Jews and move them out of places like Israel and the United States so they will be free from the threat of antisemitic attacks. Read more from BabylonBee.

By Uffda

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